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Transformative Gaze

Braco is an amazing man from Croatia with a phenomenal gift of transmitting God's loving energy through his eyes. Thousands worldwide have received peace, love, and report healing, and miracles from the energy that comes through him.

I first stood in front of him in a big group in early 2013. Since that time I have done hundreds of live and live stream gazes. The energy he transmits is the most beautiful love I have felt through a human being on this earth and has both created physical healings, emotional joy, and catalyzed an ability in me that I did not know I had.

Braco does not speak in public, teach, or do personal sessions. He gazes for groups and people have remarkable transformations. I am not affiliated with his organization. I simply received benefits from his gifts, and I highly recommend his work - he frequently does free gazes at his site www.braco-tv.me.

Right after my first gaze with Braco, the angels started telling me to gaze for clients. I did and have been doing so ever since as guided. People have reported remarkable physical healings, emotional peace, spiritually transcendent experiences, and deep peace in the energy that comes through. I did my first live stream gazes in early 2014.

The way it works is that I give a short intro then simply surrender my body and soul to the Love that lives and breathes in and through all of us. I experience it as if I am being gripped in a mighty force with a river flowing through me. I sometimes feel energy flowing to people, other times it seems to pull things out of people. I am not aware, when I am gazing Online how the energy is working with individuals. I am simply opening myself up as a conduit and a tuning fork.

No one really knows scientifically how this works, but this Love is available for all at all times, and it is my personal belief that when you connect with someone who is opening to it, you open too. In any case, the testimonials of people who have experienced it, compel me to share.

Thanks to the dear souls at streamingforthesoul.tv who were the ones to pioneer live streaming Braco, I am gazing in public too. I do it for free on either their site or on facebook from time to time.

Donations are not expected but are gratefully accepted to cover costs and time.

I dearly hope it facilitates whatever you need in your life and more importantly enables you to feel the Love that is there for us all, ever more deeply in your own life.

With love & joy,
Ann & the Angels


(1) Go to https://www.facebook.com/visionsofheaven/ a few minutes before the session starts. You do not need a facebook account to log in.*
It is possible you will have to refresh your browser to see the stream.

* Facebook might ask you to create an account but you can select
"Not Now" and scroll past that box to see the streams.

(2) If times are not convenient, hold an intention in your heart to receive the energy. While it is beautiful and very powerful to connect eye to eye, this love knows you and can reach you.

(3) Or, if you mss it, facebook leaves the video up. While the gazes seem most powerful while being streamed live, people are reporting feeling the energy and the peace while watching the replays!

NEXT STREAM: Sunday, February 18, 2018


Gaze 1: 10 am PT • 11am AZ/MT • noon CT • 1pm ET (6pm CEST)
Gaze 2: 11 am PT • noon AZ/MT • 1pm CT • 2pm ET (7pm CEST)
Gaze 3: noon PT • 1pm AZ/MT • 2pm CT • 3pm ET (8pm CEST)

Gaze 4: 2 pm PT • 3pm AZ/MT • 4pm CT • 5pm ET (10pm CEST)
Gaze 5: 3 pm PT • 4pm AZ/MT • 5pm CT • 6pm ET (11pm CEST)
Gaze 6: 4 pm PT • 5pm AZ/MT • 6pm CT • 7pm ET (midnight CEST)
Gaze 7: 5 pm PT • 6pm AZ/MT • 7pm CT • 8pm ET (1am CEST)

For our friends in New Zealand, this is Mon, September 18th at 6am, 7am, 8am, 10am, 11am, noon, and 1pm. All others, please use the time zone converter here – Plug in Phoenix, AZ then your zone. If you need one with more accessibility, try this one!

Please note: While we have seen wonderful things happen for people, gazing is not a substitute for any medical, psychological or other healing modality, treatment, or program you are already using. Please read our disclaimer here.

On https://www.facebook.com/visionsofheaven/. Just click on the link and show up a few minutes prior.

It appears some can watch live without logging in while others are having problems with this. You may need to refresh your browser window however if it doesn't play at the time indicated. If you can't login and watch live, it appers you can watch the replays without logging in.


"The love flowing through you was beautiful. I felt it pour into my heart, reaching to the depth of my being.  I felt Gods love and peace."

This is my first time as I was quite skeptical, but you have made a believer out of me. I have chronic pain and right now I have none. I hope this feeling lasts.

"I felt the energy tingling & flowing throughout my body, even felt emotional reaction, tears sat at the ready off & on. I saw light around you, & your face changed to what felt & looked like Jesus' face."

"I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and well-being, and I felt reassured that I am loved and valued and that all will be well."

"I wasn't prepared for how powerful that would be! Emotion welled up and tears were just flowing down my cheeks. My heart felt like it was spinning in my chest and waves of energy were coming at me and going right through me."

"I received a lot of abdominal healing, mental and emotional peace."

"As soon as the music started, I began to weep. Love was pouring from your eyes. There was so much light. I kept seeing your face morph into Jesus’ face."

"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Ann – I felt such love wash over me during your gaze. I asked for help with many things, but one in particular is the irregular curvature at the base of my spine that's been causing me real discomfort again lately. During your gaze I felt a very warm tingling feeling at the base of my spine and, though the discomfort isn't entirely gone, I'm definitely feeling much better there."

"About an hour before the gaze, some of my muscles in my upper legs were cramping and spasming... Since the gaze, I don't have any muscle spasms!"

"I don't want to put a jinx on it, but this morning I walked 2+ miles with minimal and then no pain from my sciatica!"

"God rocks!!! My wife called me earlier ... She had gone over my daughter's X-rays from this morning with her doc and a miracle has happened !! The upper lobe of her left lung is now over 50% open and the mucus that was holding it closed and occluded is almost completely gone! It was really serious and the worse it had been Tuesday."

"My son is doing much better. Thank you for your positive beautiful energy!"

"Thank you- I slept like a baby for the first time in months!"

"My knees are almost completely healed thanks to your gazing."

"Last night I went to bed and before falling asleep I felt this wave of energy and then went right to sleep and for the first time in days slept soundly thru the night without having to wake up.  Whatever you did to help me I thank you because I feel a hundred percent better today and am even off to work in a few minutes outside !!"

"I have been trying to get my daughter to go to rehab for heroine addiction and she has refused for months. Well, this morning she said she is willing to go I really believe you touched her and I am so grateful!!!... (And a few months later) Just wanted to update you on my daughter - she left the treatment facility after completing the program and is living in a sober living house. She is doing remarkable and I want to thank you again!"

"I was hoping that your energy would reach my son. He has been experiencing depression for about 6 months and has had no energy or interest in life. Over the last 2 days I have seen a dramatic change in him. He has been smiling, going out with friends, and enthusiastically planning for the future. I have not seen this side of him in so long! Thank you, thank you."

"I was getting REALLY SICK, on my way to pneumonia. I mentioned it to you in an email and you started sending energy. In 2 days, I was over it! Just a little cough. My friends were all astounded, as everyone heard just in my voice how sick I'd been."

I got up (the morning after the gaze) and thought, "What is going on? I feel very good!" I had forgotten actually what that felt like! Could my thyroid be balanced by the Gaze? Then I looked at my arm. I have been fighting a fungus on my skin from hot rock massage and it was almost healed in one night - which I have had over 10 years! Ok I am a true believer and am soooooooooooooo GLAD I Took the time to watch the gaze... WOW!!!

"Wish to thank you for the healing energy you sent to my son. Today he is feeling much better his sore throat Is fine now only some coughing still going on. Your energy has done wonders, magic."

"Dear Ann want you to know that my husband is doing better moved out of ICU last night so thanking you and the Angels for your special prayers we appreciate your caring love."

OMG Ann! Thank you! White light was all around you and then I just burst into tears of gratitude and joy!

I wanted to let you know how wonderful your healing gaze has been for my mother and myself. Of course, we are both feeling so much more ivine peace and love. Also, after your healing gazing, I recieved profound abdominal healing with a couple of issues at least – one more serious with healing of liver. When I help up mom"s picture for your gazing, Mom felt much better afterwards. Mom has had heart and respiratory concerns for some time, but was recently, it seemed every old and new diagnosis was really serious, one after the other. She was diagnosed with serious declined end-of life scenarios. She was told to get ready to die, basically. Well, the results of her recent tests were just released to her and they are so much better. After three gazing sessions, Mom's health has improved amazingly, her heart, BP, kidneys, serious COPD changed to mild asthma.

I felt the love so strong. Just amazing!!

I ask to be healed in my chest and right elbow, and for healing my cat who is 16. She has had to be confined to the bathroom for 2 1/2 months due to uncontrollable bladder. Doctors, both holistic and regular, could not cure it. I felt so much love from you... The next day I felt so much better and my cat has had her first solid movement in 2 and half months. Happy Days.

Thank you Ann for the peace you give us with this gazing. My grandson is 16 and he was so amazed.

Old issues surrounding my Mother lifted as soon as I did the first gaze. A feeling of peace and loving thoughts for my parents took over my thoughts!!

I had a horrid pain/headache on the base of my head/neck all day that day and the day before but when I caught even the last 5 mins of your gazing it went away almost immediately!

Gazing puts me in a place I'd love to stay in forever! It's more than peaceful! It's pure agape Love!

"Wow, I went to bed Ann and whatever you did I have not slept so well I cannot remember when I have sleep like that. I woke up quite at peace and balanced. My headache and neck pain is gone."

Thank you so much dear Ann. This laid a blanket of comfort on my heart and ministered to my soul. Thank you for the blessing of love. Thank you!

"I gazed the whole time and felt warm and wonderful! My left arm was injured in March. It had been aching today. My lower back has been aching as well as gout in my feet and ankles this week! I am PAIN FREE now!!!"

"You did it - No sign of pneumonia. Thank you so much for gazing on her behalf."

Disclaimer:  Ann does not control this energy or direct it. She does not diagnose, treat, or cure any specific conditions.  She cannot promise that the energy will cure or prevent any condition. The energy works of its own accord and all effects are unique to the receiver.

If you are currently working with a medical or health care provider, please continue seeking their advice and/or therapies, treatments, etc.

Gazing is not a substitute for medical or therapeutic advice, therapies, or treatments. It is a transmission of spiritual energy and the results are entirely between the receiver and whatever or whomever they consider to be the source of this love.